Peter Cupples' reputation as one of Australia's premier vocalists goes without saying. Check out his comments on the Latin Jazz Excursion, filmed after his recent show at the Vertigo Bar, Cairns Casino.

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"Thank you SO much for attending my 30th on Saturday. Everyone had an awesome night, it felt like we'd all known you for years and you were a part of our crew! It was great to hear such a huge variety of music and the quality of your talent is admirable.I look forward to dropping by Vertigo to come and see you again. Thank you again for such a memorable night and thank you for joining in with all of us."


Everyone should read this:

The first people to understand how music really works were the ancient Greeks. And this is going to fascinate you; the Greeks said that music and astronomy were two sides of the same coin. Astronomy was seen as the study of relationships between observable, permanent, external objects, and music was seen as the study of relationships between invisible, internal, hidden objects. Music has a way of finding the big, invisible moving pieces inside our hearts and souls and helping us figure out the position of things inside us.


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