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When I was growing up in the small town of Innisfail, there were no music schools that taught the inner workings of music theory. Like many of my generation, you had to copy off records and cassette tape. Now, we have the internet that is crammed with useful information, unfortunately, there is just as much misinformation posted too. In any case, most students need hands on explanations for things to make sense.

As a teacher, I take great pleasure in lifting the veil on what might seem like a magical world where only the selected few with inherited musical talent can enter. Music is for everybody.


I spent 5 years at Cairns TAFE where students from all walks of life and heritage, succeeded in passing my course. The information is universal, the difference is, like anything else, dedication and time spent on practise and performance. Whatever your musical aspirations might be, I am very confident that you will leave the lessons, inspired and full of the same practical information that the professionals use to succeed.









I'm happy to have been asked to lecture at the Central Queensland University. Through the CQU, my students can now gain accredited certificates. Find out more by clicking here.  


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Testimonials from Students

As a mature aged student, I was looking for an experienced, professional piano teacher who is aware that we’re all individuals and as such, learn differently.  I was looking for a piano teacher that can explain the fundamentals in a way that I can understand and retain particularly as home practice is a key component of Tommy’s teaching method.


I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to be taught the piano by Tommy See Poy! He always makes you feel at ease, is extremely patient and thorough, and encourages you to achieve and play the music. Tommy breaks down the music and works with you so that you can become confident before moving on. Tommy continually emphasises the need to have fun and enjoy the music and he will show great delight when you achieve, particularly when working through a difficult or testing piece.


I thoroughly recommend Tommy See Poy if you are considering learning the piano or keyboard or, a parent considering piano lessons for their children, any age group. He is an absolute professional and a true gentleman.


Russ Power


I've been having lessons from Tommy for a few months now. I didn't think I'd learn so much in such a short time. Always looking forward to my next lesson.

Bruce Billington


Tommy provided a practical set up to outlet my thought process, providing the patience and the structure in which to begin and the professionalism to punch above his belt in every aspect. As a teacher he has enough practical experience to keep a student on the edge of their seats in terms of whittling the thought process to think like a jazz pianist. For these reasons and more i highly recommend him to any progressing jazz musician. I will add that he is humble and personable too.

Jonathan Sebunya

Tom has been teaching me how to play jazz on the piano. Jazz sounds magical to me, hard to capture its secrets. But Tom makes it approachable, through teaching me its theory, how to go from this chord to the next, relationship between the chord and the melody, sometimes sounding as if they are chasing each other, how to maintain rhythm, and how to practice. Every lesson is a new challenge.


Tom gives me a hope that someday I’ll be playing like a jazz musician, even venturing ‘outside’!

Thank you, Tom.


Sachi Davis


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